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A look at the Montessori teacher’s role in setting the tone for daily work and to actively support social-emotional development in the elementary classroom.

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Welcome to Montessori Guide!

The Association Montessori International/USA is pleased to present this online resource tool for Montessori teachers. It has long been our intention to find innovative and unique ways to support our members in their daily work to meet the needs of children. 

A project of this magnitude required support from our entire community to accomplish. Thank you to all the programs across the country who welcomed us into your school communities. Thank you to the teachers we filmed. Your incredible dedication to our craft was humbling to witness. We are grateful for the invaluable guidance given to this project by our AMI Teacher Trainer Advisory Committee. And to our many authors and commentators, thank you for sharing your wisdom and expertise.

A special thank you must go to Virginia McHugh Goodwin,  Executive Director of AMI/USA (August, 1988- July, 2014) for her determination to launch MontessoriGuide.org.  Her vision of inspiring, supporting and empowering Montessori practitioners in their everyday practice comes alive in our website. 

Later this fall, we will be premiering the Assistants to Infancy section featuring Montessori practice in the earliest years.


Montessori practicum is rarely included in the many professional development tools for teachers that have cropped up on the Internet in recent years. We have decided to help fill that gap. 

MontessoriGuide.org is an online resource tool for Montessori practitioners to demonstrate what quality Montessori looks like and needs to take into consideration in order to be implemented.   

Montessori theory is straightforward, deeply tied to neuroscience and the natural developmental path of the child. Montessori practice, on the other hand, can be complex. What is crystal clear however is that if the mission is to capture authentic Montessori practice on film for professional development purposes, the focus must be on showing the work of children in their classroom environments.

We decided to seek the child who emerges under the conditions described by Dr. Montessori in her writings in order to illustrate the concepts to be explored. Our creative team traveled coast-to-coast, capturing ordinary days in Montessori environments on video in an attempt to show a diversity of real classrooms with real situations. Filming took place in urban areas, rural areas, and suburban areas; in the public and private sectors; in corporate child care sites and home-based care settings. Slowly, through this process, as the video illustrations of the pedagogical topics were crafted, that universal child emerged. 

We hope Montessori Guide will inspire. We are following a new level of inquiry into that vital intersection of theory and practice. Join us as MontessoriGuide.org begins delving deeper into our craft!