Video Gallery


Connection (7:57)

The Montessori teacher is asked to become the “dynamic link” to the prepared environment for the child.


Peer-to-Peer Learning (9:39)

Nested communities of multiaged children automatically create and expose children to a variety of social roles.


Transitions (19:43)

Capturing ordinary days in Montessori environments...  Transitions bridge daily activities in the primary setting. Montessori settings can be especially supportive of a natural daily flow for young children.


My Day (18:57)

Experience the Montessori approach through three primary children as they journey through their morning work periods.


The Alphabet of Life (7:13)

Dr. Silvia Dubovoy, Ph.D., on the personality of the child


Hazel Sets the Table (5:50)

The Montessori teacher undergoes a transformation during her teacher training to develop the ability to see the child through fresh eyes.


Ritual of the Meal (5:58)

Opportunities for children to practice a variety of social tasks and develop relationships are woven into the daily rituals of a Montessori environment.


New Classroom (12:09)

Starting with threes: the fundamentals of starting a Montessori program


The Bead Chain (7:25)

A story of persistence


The Bucket (9:10)

A story of problem solving


My Pink Tower (7:26)

A story of matching the child to appropriate work


Snack (5:17)

Capturing ordinary days in Montessori environments…  Snack is a social interaction in the Montessori primary setting. The practical life tasks built into the child’s snack experience further reinforce the cultivation of independence and problem solving abilities. Quiet conversations enhance literacy development in the young child.


Mathematical Mind

Monte Kenison describes the progression and significance of the mathematical materials in the Montessori primary environment.


Observation and the Teacher (16:16)

An exploration of the role observation plays in our daily practice in both the primary and elementary setting


Clean Up, Set Up (5:20)

Capturing ordinary days in Montessori environments...  Care of the environment supports children’s ownership of their learning community.  


Support for Montessori Practice

An exploration of issues of concern to Montessori practitioners


Creating a Learning Community (23:40)

Capturing ordinary days in Montessori environments…  Montessori focuses on meeting children’s needs.


Everyday Music (10:59)

Capturing ordinary days in Montessori environments...  Children are exposed to the fundamentals of music on a daily basis through integrated materials and activities.


Literacy (24:18)

Capturing ordinary days in Montessori environments…  The natural development of a literate human being, able to express himself and communicate successfully with others, is at the root of authentic Montessori practice.


Collaborative Learning (15:34)

The elementary age child is naturally drawn to working in a group and challenging herself.


Meetings and Conferences (17:33)

A look at the Montessori teacher’s role in setting the tone and supporting social-emotional development in the elementary classroom


The Hook (6:29)

The art of directing an elementary Montessori environment


Flowers (3:13)

A story of exploration


Discovery (8:23)

Capturing ordinary days in a Montessori environment...  Inspiring a classroom culture of scientific inquiry


Snakes (8:34)

A story of “Big Work”


Fungus (6:02)

A story of group work


Going Out (12:40)

Preparing the elementary child for the future includes going beyond the classroom.


Psychogeometry (5:57)

Kay Baker, Ph.D. discusses Dr. Montessori’s work titled Psychogeometry.

Elephant in the Room (1:26)

The Elephant in the Room: an introduction to the project