Film Interviews


Kay Baker, Ph.D.

Kay Baker holds AMI primary and elementary diplomas and has directed classes of both age groups. She received a B.A. in mathematics and philosophy from the College of New Rochelle in New York, did graduate work in mathematics at Catholic University, and received her M.A. and Ph.D. in mathematics education from the University of Maryland. Kay is an AMI Elementary Trainer and International Examiner.


Joseph DiCarlo

Currently principal of Maryland Avenue Montessori School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Joe holds AMI primary and elementary diplomas and has taught in both the private and public sectors.


Phillip J. Dosmann

Phil received his AMI elementary training in Bergamo, Italy, and recently retired after 30 years in Milwaukee’s public Montessori schools, serving first as a classroom teacher and then as an administrator. Phil is currently a Senior Associate at the National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector (NCMPS).


Tim Duax, Ph.D.

Tim Duax, Bergamo 1976, was a Montessori teacher for fourteen years, and he has been the principal of a large urban Montessori school, traditional schools, and director of curriculum for a Midwest school district. He is a past national director of the Montessori Public School Consortium. He has a BS in Physics from Marquette University and his doctorate from the University of Wisconsin in curriculum and instruction, focused on urban education. He has written several research articles on the outcomes of Montessori education, and has presented at Montessori conferences in Sweden, United Kingdom, and the United States.


Silvia Dubovoy, Ph.D.

Dr. Dubovoy holds an M.A. and Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Barcelona and is currently the director of training for 0-3 and 3-6 for the Montessori Institute of San Diego in La Jolla, California. She is a lead clinical faculty at the University of San Diego, an associate professor at Loyola University Maryland, and a professor at Universidad de Vic in Spain. Silvia also holds an AMI special education diploma, and has worked as a lecturer, trainer, examiner, and consultant.


Gretchen Hall

Gretchen Hall is the primary director of training at the Montessori Training Center of New England as well as director of the CREC Montessori Magnet School, an AMI-recognized public school serving 330 children aged 3-12 in Hartford, Connecticut. Ms. Hall has over twenty years of experience as a classroom teacher, administrator, consultant, and lecturer.


Monte Kenison

Monte Kenison served as the director of training at The Montessori Teacher Training Center of Northern California, Mountain View, California for over 15 years. He has had over 36 years of experience in private Montessori schools and is an international lecturer, examiner and consultant. He has served on the boards of AMI, AMI/USA, Foundation for Montessori Education in Canada, and Western Montessori School in Mountain View, California. Monte attended the 2004 Educateurs sans Frontières Assembly in Burgos, Spain.


Co-Director of Training for Assistants to Infancy at The Montessori Institute in Denver, Karey Lontz holds AMI diplomas for the 0-3 and 3-6 levels. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising from The University of Georgia and a Masters in Education from Loyola College. She has been working in the Montessori community since 1998. She has Montessori teaching and administration experience in private schools, early head start, and AMI teacher training. She is qualified as an AMI examiner and international trainer.


Judi Orion is a 0-3 and 3-6 trainer and consultant, conducting courses in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia. She began her training career as a 3-6 trainer, was a participant in the first AMI 0-3 course in Rome in 1980/81, has been a 0-3 trainer since 1985 and pioneered AMI’s Birth to Six courses. She has worked extensively with parents, implementing Parent/Infant Groups as an early extension of the 0-3 work. She directs the 0-3 training in Denver, Colorado every summer and trains elsewhere around the globe during the U.S. academic year.  


Phyllis Pottish-Lewis

Phyllis Pottish-Lewis holds a bachelor's degree from UCLA and a master's degree from Loyola University in Maryland together with her AMI primary and elementary diplomas. She has 42 years teaching experience in 3-6, 6-12 and 9-12 classrooms. The former elementary director of training at the Montessori Institute of San Diego and the Montessori Training Center of Minnesota, Phyllis continues to be a faculty member at The Montessori Institute of Milwaukee.


Allyn Travis

Allyn holds AMI primary and elementary diplomas and has over 30 years teaching experience with both children and adults. She is the full time Administrator and Director of Training at the Montessori Institute of Milwaukee. She is an AMI Elementary Teacher-Trainer, examiner, and school consultant, a member of AMI's Training Group, responsible for the training of new AMI teacher trainers and a past chair of the AMI/USA board. Allyn has a B.A. in English from Michigan State University and an M.A. in Montessori education from Loyola University Maryland.

Martha Urioste

Martha Urioste is a pioneer in the field of education. Recognized for her work with Montessori education, she was the first principal in Denver, Colorado, to pioneer a Montessori elementary school in that state, making Denison Montessori Elementary School a national model in the public sector. She is also the founder and former president of Family Star, a national 0 - 3 Early Head Start Center based on the Montessori research model. Since the early 1960s, Martha has been an advocate for early dual immersion language programs and support of children’s home cultures. Her most recent book, The Family Star Story, co-written with Amy Clarke Moore, was published in 2016.