Capturing Ordinary Days: Human Bonds

Gestation and birth are only the first steps towards successful functioning for each human being. The Montessori approach to nurturing children in the earliest years is based in preparation. Efforts of the guide are given over to the preparation of appropriate environments for each stage of unfolding natural growth. Two distinct Montessori environments, the Nido and the Infant Community, emerge as settings where the constantly changing needs of this age group can be met.  The adults involved in the child’s life are supported in their preparation to receive new life and foster optimal development through work with expecting families and organized Parent-Infant Classes with babies and caregivers.  Families and guides build relationships that keep the child at the center of their focus. They work together to welcome the child into the community and to open up the world to him through exposure to language and culture.  

An examination of the human relationships and settings that best support our youngest children on a daily basis. 

The first years of Montessori practice present unique challenges for newly trained teachers. Teacher trainers from all age levels of practice explore some of the dynamics involved. They describe the type of support a budding guide needs to successfully navigate his/her critical beginning years.

Shorts: Human Bonds

1. EVERDAY FOOD (4:14)
2. WATER (7:28)

Navigating the First Stages of Development


Lynn Gulick first presented this reverie at the 2014 AMI/USA Refresher Course, entitled “The Child’s Journey: Navigating the Stages of Development” in Houston, Texas. A long time Assistants to Infancy practitioner, she thoughtfully reflects upon and introduces the crucial work of assisting the first years of human life....READ MORE

The Montessori Infant and Parent Class as a Foundation for Building Community

BY sarah moudry

Assistants to Infancy guide Sarah Moudry examines how hosting supportive groups for parents or caregivers with their infants can foster a strong Montessori community. In this article, she reviews the essentials of best practices of Parent-Infant Classes.....READ MORE

Excerpts from "The Art of Montessori in the Home: The First Plane (0-6 Years)"


In this excerpt fromThe Art of Montessori in the Home: The First Plane (0-6 years)Margaret E. Stephenson tackles a delicate subject. She proposes creating a family unit of loving acceptance  that can offer the first introduction for a child to the importance of acceptable social behavior.....READ MORE

merry hadden

In Her Words

A slim volume based on a series of lectures that Dr. Montessori delivered in 1947, What You Should Know About Your Child focuses on laying out a clear path of the child's process of maturation in the first years.  Chapter 7, entitled  “More Facts About Child Development,” touches upon aspects of human life that foster the incredible mental growth of the newly born child....READ MORE

Information for families and caregivers

Families and caregivers can obtain more information about the Montessori approach to the earliest years at, sponsored by the Association Montessori Internationale.