Capturing Ordinary Days:
Roots of Behavior

Observation and clarity of purpose are two of the tools that Montessori primary teachers bring to their work. A keen knowledge of the psychology and developmental needs of the young child allows the teacher to work with every individual inside the larger group setting. Armed with a solid knowledge of the Montessori materials at her fingertips, she is able to bring her panoply of diligently honed observation skills and dedication to the child to bear upon each spontaneous situation as it emerges. Her understanding of the constructive, positive power of purposeful activity for the child creates an atmosphere of deep respect for all. She cultivates a flourishing learning community. Challenging behavior is viewed as a puzzle to be unraveled.

An exploration of the role observation plays in our daily practice in both the primary and elementary setting.

The Montessori teacher undergoes a transformation during her teacher training to develop the ability to see the child through fresh eyes.

Shorts: Roots of Behavior

1. The Bucket (9:10)
2. My Pink Tower (7:26)

Capturing ordinary days in Montessori environments…Montessori focuses on meeting children’s needs. 


In Her Words

Some Suggestions and Remarks Upon Observing Children, from the London Course 1921, Lecture 3

This lecture was originally featured in Association Montessori Internationale’s publication Communications 2008/2. Dr. Montessori often spoke about observation in her courses. Rita Schaefer Zener, Ph.D. is the original editor of this selection of thoughts from Dr. Montessori’s 1921 London Course, Lecture 3.

The “Preparation of the Eye”
It would seem as though to know how to observe was very simple and did not need any explanation. Perhaps you think it will be sufficient to be in a classroom in a school and to look and see what happens! But to observe is not as simple as that...  READ MORE


AMI Training

The AMI diploma is respected worldwide as a representation of achievement in a teacher-training program of quality, integrity, and authenticity and is earned through successful completion of an intensive training program conducted by an AMI trainer.  MORE INFORMATION